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no response outages reported by users in the last 24 hours

No MTN problems reported in the last 24 hours

This chart shows the number of MTN outages/problems reported by users in the past 24 hours. All data in the chart is in the UTC time zone.

MTN Outage Locations



Last Reported

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Berea, KwaZulu-Natal, ZA


7 days ago

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Midvale, Utah, US


18 days ago

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Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, ZA


1 months ago

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Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA


1 months ago

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA


1 months ago

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Accra, Greater Accra Region, GH


1 months ago

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Polokwane, Limpopo, ZA


1 months ago

Most common MTN problems reported by users


No Signal


Total blackout

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Date and Time

Response Time

Status Code

17 Apr 2024 - 17:33

no response


17 Apr 2024 - 15:15

no response


17 Apr 2024 - 09:08

no response


16 Apr 2024 - 23:22

no response


16 Apr 2024 - 18:08

no response


16 Apr 2024 - 12:52

no response


16 Apr 2024 - 07:19

no response


This table shows the outage requests and response browser checks executed automatically by the DownCheck service. All data in the table is in the UTC time zone. If MTN is down or slow for you. You can try using a VPN service(to try from a different location) and also check the Tips below

General Tips to Fix an

  • Verify the URL: One of the most frequent causes of not being able to visit a web page is entering an incorrect URL. If you're URL is wrong, the website may redirect to another website or display an error page.

  • Use a Different Device: Try using a different computer or device to access the website or app. We also advise you to attempt rebooting your device.

  • Delete Browser Cache: It's possible that cached files are preventing your browser from downloading new web pages. Refreshing the page will clear it. To do that, click Ctrl + F5 on a Windows PC or Cmd + Shift, then press R on a Mac.

  • Clear Browser Cookies: Clearing browser cookies fixes certain issues, such as loading or formatting issues on sites. You can do this by clicking your browser settings, then privacy, then clearing browsing data.

  • Use Incognito Mode: You can also try viewing the website in private mode or incognito mode first. By using this, cookies and all temporary cache will be automatically disabled.

  • Restart Your Router: Try restarting your network connection if other websites or apps are having problems or are running slowly.

  • Firewall and Antivirus: Your ISP provider may have blocked the website or app you are attempting to access. If that's the case, you can try using a VPN service to visit the website or app to see if it will work.

  • Check your Firewall & Antivirus: These can occasionally block access to certain websites or services. To troubleshoot this issue, you may consider temporarily disabling them to see if it resolves the problem.

  • Clear DNS Cache: To speed things up, all OS systems save name resolution information into the DNS cache. In your case, the information recorded could be outdated or incorrect. We advise you to search on How-To guides on the web to clear your DNS Cache.

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ZA Flag Icon

Berea, South Africa 1 week ago

Intermittent to no internet on LTE.

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Bloemfontein, South Africa 1 month ago

I can't do Sim swap

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Cape Town, South Africa 1 month ago

no services

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Johannesburg, South Africa 1 month ago

Signal been done whole day, can't receive or make calls

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Accra, Ghana 1 month ago

I have purchase enough data since morning but I can not even download WhatsApp status.

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Alberton, South Africa 1 month ago

My mtn no working on calls

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Durban, South Africa 2 months ago

Mobile fone saying not registered on network. Also saying no Sim. What is going on with mtn today, 14 Feb 2024

ZA Flag Icon


Pretoria, South Africa 3 months ago

No Internet connection available

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It seems that the website might be experiencing temporarily outage

If you are experiencing slow performance while using, it may be your internet connection. Before you call your internet provider to ask about the slow speed, make sure to clear your cache, update the app, and check for any outages first.

HTTP response status code is a 3-digit code returned by the server indicating the status of the request. The code is typically accompanied by a message that provides additional information about the response such as:
  • 2XX - Successful - Website is up & reachable.

  • 3XX - Redirect - The website is accessible, but the browser is redirected to another page.

  • 4XX - Browser Error - The requested page is not available or doesn’t exist.

  • 5XX - Server Error - There are internal errors on the server.

The status code helps developers and users to understand what’s happening with a certain request. This also serves as a guide to take appropriate actions if needed.

The HTTP response time is the amount of time it takes a website to respond to a request made by your device. It calculates how long it takes for a website to load after you click on a link or type a URL into your browser.

Aside from trying a different device, you can also check your device's software if it’s up to date by checking for available updates in your settings.

If the issue persists after trying all of our tips, you can report the issue to us so we can further investigate. By this, you can also see if other users are experiencing it, too.